Backshop Commercial Real Estate Software

  • Manage Pipeline, Workflow, Documents & Reporting from connected devices
  • Model the entire capital stack of your deal
  • Asset Management tools for monitoring, compliance, & investor reporting
  • Exit Plan management including securitization, syndications, & balance sheet
  • Standardized, transparent & compliant CRE business


Backshop enables you to proactively source, value, close, manage, and sell the CRE assets that make up your portfolio including both debt and equity positions. In business since 2000, our product is proven, extensive and widely adopted.

  • LOAN ORIGINATION - Improves the transparency and productivity of your lending operation by combining deal modeling, custom workflows, deal reports, and documents in a single database
  • ASSET MANAGEMENT - Confidently assess the value of and manage the assets (loans, equity and CMBS bonds) that make up your portfolio. Run management and investor reports for performance tracking and compliance
  • EXIT PLAN MANAGEMENT - Backshop facilitates all types of exit plans, including securitization, syndication, fund management, and straight balance sheet
  • DOCUMENT/CONTACT MANAGEMENT - Simple, cost-effective methods to manage your contacts and documents including tracking, storing and sharing with deal counterparties
  • INTEGRATED CMBS DATA LIBRARY - Allows easy lead generation, comp searches and bond analysis


Some of the world's largest and most prestigious enterprises use Backshop to manage their CRE portfolios, including:

  • LENDERS - Banks, CMBS Conduits, insurance companies, and other lenders use Backshop to manage their loan originations, asset management and exit strategies. Our lending clients range from small private lenders to global financial institutions. The integrated, life of the deal approach we take is attractive for both efficiency and compliance.
  • PRIVATE EQUITY - Investors in both CRE debt and equity use Backshop for deal origination, post-closing asset management, and investor / fund reporting. Backshop has integrated fund accounting tools that roll up investments and provide investors with comprehensive reports.
  • CMBS SPECIAL SERVICERS - Use Backshop to manage their positions, produce credit action requests, track various workflows, project losses / control changes, and all other aspects of special servicing. Our integrated CMBS data library and built in CREFC IRP reporting capabilities empower special servicers with a turn-key solution.
  • REITs - Both mortgage and equity use Backshop for their CRE business as an origination, credit and reporting tool.
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